Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy birthday baby Hads...

I wish I could've gotten a good pic of her with her face down in her little cake....she loved it so!!!! We are having a little party tomorrow night, but we had to have our first cake on the actual day of her birth. My, oh my, how I thank our Heavenly Father for this dear gift he gave our family last September 18th. She fills our days with joy - really should've named her Happy Kate instead...
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One year ago today!!!

Sweet, sweet Hadley Kate is one today!!! I can hardly believe that it's been a year now that we have had this precious one in our lives....
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mil's first soccer practice!

Mil did t-ball practice for about 6 weeks last spring, but never had any real games or this is our first official organized sport for him! We are all so excited - Laney even coached him from the sidelines at practice. Jay is helping coach Mil's team, which is lots of fun for both boys. I thought Had would probably be fussy just because it was almost her bedtime at the time of the practice, but I think she had as much fun as Mil! She was just chilling in the stroller with her leg propped up and the breeze blowing her few hairs into a mohawk-like shape... I think soccer is going to be a blast for the whole family!!
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Turning Texan??

Last weekend we went to the rodeo with our ABF from church - it was lots of fun, and that is something I thought I'd never say. When we moved here and first went to the rodeo over 3 years ago, I was horrified at the idea of a rodeo. To make matters worse, the night we went a bull rider was thrown and half trampled to death. His ear was cut off and he was convulsing on the dirt floor... life flight had to carry him away, and it was on the news that night. Laney, then just 4, was completely traumatized and we said we'd probably not be going back. Rough start with rodeos, but this last time was great - still a bit nerve-racking to watch, but fun. There's one pic of Jay and Miller in the middle of a crowd. That's when all the kids that want to come down and chase a calf with a ribbon on its tail. A night full of BBQ and the rodeo - now what could be more texan?? :)
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hadley LOVES Chef boyardee pizza!!!

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Lane's 1st Day!

Laney started school today at Wylie Prep and was beyond excited to get there!!!! She was not only excited about every aspect of school, but was super pumped about the uniforms!! She also got bangs yesterday as part of her "new look"... she had a definite idea of what she wanted her hair to look like... It was a super first day, and she can't wait to go back. (This is Lane with her language arts teacher.)
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks at the Harbor

We went down to the Harbor in Rockwall for fireworks last night, and it just couldn't have been a prettier sight...the lake was full of boats and the breeze from the water was perfect. We laid on blankets and enjoyed the atmosphere. Had's new trick is to climb over Miller and Laney's backs like she's climbing a mountain. The big kids think it's hilarious. The fireworks were pretty, but the real fireworks show happened when we got home. The street behind our house shot TONS of fireworks (until 2:00 am actually....), and after we put Had to bed, we went out in the backyard and the kids watched more fireworks while they jumped on the trampoline!
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